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About TEDxMandurah

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading; TEDx events are independently organised TED events enabling fabulous ideas to be shared all over the world. 


TEDxMandurah is a full day filled with thought-provoking speakers, brilliant performers, and conversations that will really get you thinking about what is possible.   



Mandurah and The Why 


Our city's name ‘Mandurah’ is derived from the Noongar word ‘Mandjar’ meaning ‘meeting place.’  


Mandurah is an important ancient meeting place for aboriginal people who would walk here over many weeks to take part in cultural ceremonies amongst tribes, to work together on governance concerns, to celebrate and share ideas and stories. 


Far from an ancient tradition, the people of Mandurah still love to come together on the banks of our waterways to celebrate, spin a yarn and share ideas and dreams. 


TEDxMandurah is underpinned by the TED Talks value of ‘ideas worth spreading.’   We could not think of a better way to celebrate and share the fantastic ideas and stories that have begun to define Mandurah than with an event that creates a platform for people to share their journey,  to have a voice and start a groundswell towards the future.   


Holding this event at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, on the shores of Mandjar Bay connects the past and the present for the future. 

Jackie Campbell.jpg


TEDxMandurah Licensee; Speaker Coach.

I love to listen to stories and help others tell theirs. I believe that, so often, these

stories are the key to finding solutions to problems, building and strengthening relationships, opening doors to opportunity, and so much more.


My business, is all about your stories - your personal stories, your business stories, your ‘Hey, Guess What! I have a fabulous idea’ stories.

It’s about helping you to uncover, craft, and use your stories to show up exactly how you

want to... supporting you to find your unique voice, put your very best self forward, and be




Event Coordinator; Sponsorship Lead.

I have a passion for bringing people together through events, projects and partnership development.


Currently working as a Community Partnerships Manager, I spend my time doing what I love…talking, engaging and building relationships especially with others who are passionate about their community.


As well as bringing people together, I also love bringing projects and events to life. In one of my non-work-related activities, Assistant Director for small Indie films, I am essentially the project manager for the process of producing a short film.


I am a history buff, relic hunter, photographer, sailor, mum to three boys and creator of many crafty things in my spare time.


In my day-to-day job and in all my other activities, I get to be dynamic and do what I love which makes me one of the lucky ones

Our 2022 Organising Team

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